Tradition and history
From the cradle of the Manchego PDO cheese

Our Origin

The project SPANISH CHEESE, S.L. as we know it today, has been going through different stages having as a result a company specialized in the processing and refining of cheese, exporting its products to about 50 countries on five continents.

We were born in La Mancha with the spirit of bringing to the rest of the world the best of the food of our land and of the entire Spanish territory.

It all started in 1996 when the consortium of companies ALBATRADE, S.L.was founded in Albacete, a city in the Castilla-La Mancha region. In this consortium, and with the help of UNIÓN QUESERA MANCHEGA, S.A. first and MANTEQUERÍAS ARIAS, S.A. (grupo BONGRAIN) ) later on, we were trained in the world of cheese. After almost a decade of working together, in 2002, SPANISH CHEESE, S.L. was born when concluding an agreement with the multinational that was our mentor and provided us with experience, with know-how and with the goodwill developed jointly during the previous years.

Our traditions…

SPANISH CHEESE, S.L. is a dairy industry established in Albacete, on lands geographically belonging to the Protected Designation of Origin of Manchego cheese. Sheeps of the Manchega breed have grazed in our surroundings for centuries. Their milk is the only one that can be used to obtain one of the most precious foods in our region and in all of Spain: Manchego PDO cheese.

Being the Manchego PDO the SPANISH CHEESE, S.L., from our facilities also come out every week the traditional sheep and goat cheeses that local shepherds have been making since ancient times in a totally artisanal way.


At present, our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology applied to the cheese industry and adapted to the standards of quality and food safety required nowdays. Thanks to that, together with a significant commitment and investment in research and development, and always based on the original mode of cheese production of our ancestors, we have developed a range of traditional products, but full of innovative and exclusive cheeses.