Unique flavors
Specialists in the innovation of aromas and flavors

SPANISH CHEESE, S.L. initially owes its success to the renowned quality of its Manchego PDO cheese, awarded by the INTERNATIONAL TASTE INSTITUTE of Brussels with its highest prize, SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD the three stars.

Our strong commitment to research and development has allowed us to obtain innovative formulas and ingredient receipts compatible with our cheeses, as well as to develop our own know-how in the technique of injecting cheese, so that we achieve an optimal and homogeneous distribution of each of the different ingredients inside the cheese.

Without a doubt, our Manchego D.O.P.cheese, Iberian cheese, different types of goat cheeses and cured sheep's cheese with flowers, among others, together with our cured sheep's cheeses infiltrated with truffle, with Tuscan pesto, with black olives , with Pimiento d'Espelette, with chestnut cream or with black garlic constitute a range of exclusive Spanish cheeses with unique aromas and flavors.

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