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In Spanish Cheese, S.L. We are not only one of the most innovative food companies in the country, we are also an organization committed to:

The health of our clients
Ours contributors.
Our society.

1. Committed to your health.
We promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, which includes both correct nutrition and the frequent practice of physical activity.
In Spanish Cheese, S.L. We develop products every day richer and healthier.

2. Committed to the environment.
Minimize the environmental impact generated by our processes and services.
In Spanish Cheese, S.L .. we have taken serious measures of waste recycling and reduction in energy and water consumption.

3. Committed to our workers.
The adequate management of Human Capital is a strategic pillar that allows us to comply with the commitments acquired with our clients and other stakeholders, as a basis for the Company’s expansion.

4. Committed to our society.
Just as we worry about improving internal operations, in Spanish Cheese, S.L. we contribute to the general welfare of our society. Every year we develop various programs that seek to promote a Social Responsibility that transcends and is reflected in concrete actions, tangible and common good.

For several years we have been collaborating with GEPAC (Spanish Group of Patients Against Cancer) in different events as a sponsor, sponsoring different sports and leisure activities.